Ministry Leaders

Justine Gomez

Women's Ministry

Crossroads Church of Denver Women's Ministry is dedicated to bringing the Word of God and fellowship to the women of our church.

Jim Yocom

Men's Ministry

Jim is blessed to lead our active Men's Ministry which includes Bible studies, monthly breakfasts, assisting the elderly and also helping with church construction and maintenance projects. Jim enjoys studying the Word through a historical perspective. He grew up in Lakewood, finding salvation in Christ while a teenager. Jim led a weekly Bible study and worship while in the dorms at college, later led the youth in a church after graduating and now serves Crossroads Church of Denver anywhere he is needed. 

Daminica Zamora

Children's Ministry

Crossroads Church of Denver Children's Ministry is dedicated to bringing the Word of God to the children of our church.

Brenda Harp

Worship Leader

Brenda Harp is an accomplished singer, songwriter, worship leader, and teacher. Her carefully crafted lyrics tell quite a bit about the artist behind the music. The depth of feeling that emanates from her songs cause listeners to want to know more about Brenda Harp as an artist. Her talent is pure and refined, yet she is always seeking new avenues of expression, new ways to grow musically. She is an intelligent soul, a delight to be around. She can balance the serious with playfulness and can draw the listener in completely with her compelling words. She mixes the mysterious with transparency well, building both personal and universal appeal into her lyrics. Brenda explores the many facets of life experience in her lyrics: unconditional love, loss, hope, healing, questioning, faith, listening, expressing the truth. Her insightful lyrics can cause the listener to question, ponder, feel encouraged, lifted, be filled with hope and confidence in our Creator. After a show, the listener is left wanting to hear more. Touching listener's hearts with her music fuels and inspires Brenda, creating a connection between people that only music can make. 

Tony & Cindy Reed

Marriage Ministry

Crossroads Church of Denver Marriage Ministry is dedicated to bringing the Word of God and fellowship to the married couple of our church.

Michelle Thorson

Love Life

Crossroads Church of Denver partners with LoveLife ministries. Michelle heads our contact with LoveLife.

Ken & Roma Pitt

Prayer Ministry

Ken and Roma both grew up in the Metro-Denver area.  They have been married for 42 years and have been working in various kinds of ministry together for 40 years.  When they got married, they chose Crossroads (then Calvary Chapel) as their home church.  Ten years later, they went with the Crossroads’ church plant that would become Church in the City – Bath Abraham.  They remained at CITC-BA for 25 years.  When they felt the Lord was calling them back to Crossroads, they returned.
They currently lead the Crossroads Prayer Ministry.  They feel that the mission of the prayer ministry at Crossroads is to fulfil the Lord’s mandate to pray and to simply help people.