Women’s Ministry

womlogoOur History and Purpose

Women’s Ministries have been a vital catalyst for church growth at Crossroads Church of Denver since the church’s inception. We have found that when women gather together and work as a team they can form a strong labor force that can positively benefit our home church, the church-at-large and the greater community for the cause of Christ.

As a group of Christian women we support women in our community as they face the unique challenges that make up the feminine life journey. We are committed to seeing relationships built between the women in our fellowship so that they might help each other to reach the goals that God has set before them.


“I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” -Philippians 3:13b-14 (NLT)


Who We Are

  • Women reaching up to build intimacy with God.

  • Women reaching within to build relationships with one another.

  • Women committed to reaching out to help others

  • Women reaching forward with hope to those things which are ahead

Women of all ages regularly gather and are a part of our Women’s ministry at Crossroads. Each year our events attract females from 9-90. A multi—generational focus is one of the things that the Women at Crossroads are known for.


tea_mWhat We Do

The Women’s Ministry at Crossroads seeks to follow God ordained ministry goals for women.

Women’s ministry is addressed in Scripture in Titus 2 where the Apostle Paul instructs Titus about special ministry to special groups. One of the qualities of a sound church is special ministry to special groups. In fact, in Paul’s letter to Titus he specifically identifies “women’s ministry” as one of those important sub-groups of a healthy church. Paul told Titus to encourage women to develop a ministering network of women in the church. He specifically instructed that it was appropriate for women to teach other women to love God and pursue what is good and what are appropriate goals for life. We believe that a Women’s Ministry is not meant to be a microcosm of the larger church duplicating all that is done there but instead it is meant to have specialized goals that are pertinent to women.

We believe then that women should teach (train, mentor, model) and encourage each other around goals that honor the feminine God ordained role and that honor God’s work in the community. Some of these goals are:


  • Women are to be pure of mind and heart, level headed (“soberminded”) and able to make good decisions for themselves and for their families. We support women as co-equal contributors to society, believing that women should take their God-ordained place alongside men, playing their God-ordained part.

  • Women are to be home makers (home builders); “keepers of the home”. We support women by reinforcing that “caring for the home and family” through activities both inside and outside the home is a very important role in society.

  • Women are to be loving nurturers. The greatest priority in a family should be love. Women should love their husbands and love their children. Women are to be encouraged to be good: “kind” “loving” members of the community, reaching out to others with the love of Christ.


teaHow This Is Accomplished

Women’s ministry at Crossroads Church of Denver is accomplished with Divinely supplied vision. “Where there is no vision the people perish.” –Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

The soul never thinks without a picture; and the Women’s Ministry at Crossroads gathers together continually with the aim of viewing our community accurately and seeking God for inspiration in order to meet the needs of the women around us in a relevant way. We are in touch with our community and want to share Christ’s love and have a godly effect on all those around us. We accomplish our goals with dependence on the Holy Spirit and prayer and planning! We make relevant curriculum decisions that fit the needs of our community.

We seek to make format decisions that express a variety of different types of ministry opportunities in order to reach a wide variety of women.

Some of those ministry opportunities are:


  • Topical studies and seminars

  • Expositional Bible Studies

  • Specialized small groups

  • Retreats

  • Large events that invite women from our community to be a part, Christmas Teas and Mother’s Day Luncheon

  • Prayer meetings

  • Just for fun “Girls Night Out” fellowship times

  • Leadership Retreats and Getaways


Where We Meet

We meet in a variety of venues on and off the campus at Crossroads Church of Denver. The Women’s Ministry at Crossroads occurs in a variety of different environments from the classroom to our coffee shop to mountain retreat centers to local homes. Our ministry to women flourishes year around in multiple contexts and environments to reach multiple generations.


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